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D.O.A Room Escape


Can You Escape the terror?.......Or will you find yourself... D.O.A??!


Most Chicago residents have heard about the notorious HH Holmes and his wickedly famous Murder Castle. But do they really know how much death and chaos this man had created?!... completely reigning his terror on many the innocent victim to the Worlds Fair. Never such a creature like he - mysterious, deadly - he really had a way with the ladies!
Dr. Holmes brought creativity to murder - having a design in mind for a mansion so evil and sinister...that even the workers who helped bring it into creation would have no idea of what they had contributed. Hidden rooms that lead to nowhere were setup with pipes for silently gassing victims and a huge vat of acid sat in the basement below for clean up purposes. This good doctor was so good at keeping his secret - that many of the victims have yet to be found. Has never been a creature such like he, mysterious and deadly that he gives the more famous Ripper a challenge indeed.
One of the very first documented serial killers - and quite possibly one with the most kills. Mr. Holmes' confessed to a whopping 20 at the time of his capture...but experts say he's taken almost 200 lives - with only 9 ever really found. A great businessman, Holmes never missed an opportunity to make money - and the skeletal remains of his visitors were sold off to universities and museums - all in the name of helping fellow brothers in science - of course!

Holmes also ran a great insurance scam - supplimenting his income. Selling policies as a favor to freinds...then suddenly cashing them in at their expense - this Doctor had no discrimination when it came to killing.
So famous is this doctor - that the good people at DOA Room Escape (Addison IL) wished not only to recreate some of this vision, but also give their visitors a chance to do what others were not - a chance to escape with their lives. But...this opportunity puts you on the clock.
With only a mere hour - counted down by a very large timer centered between the two rooms - guests to DOA are definately under some good pressure.
There are many clues to find and puzzles to solve - the mission is to beat the clock by finding and unlocking the key and letting yourself out.
If only it was as easy as it sounds.

Without giving spoilers - DOA was amazingly great. This two room escape was simple enough in decor - yet brilliantly done. Clues were VERY WELL hidden throughout the two rooms...leaving our team frantically searching the area.
In a sense was reminiscent of Scooby Doo...meddling kids and mysteries abound! - was quite a bit of fun.  

The doctor, who is always one step ahead - had even left a special message for one of his guests hidden in his Basement - Welcoming Halo Ouija EEN to his special room of torture - extremely unexpected - this was a very cool added bonus.
Bloody messes, cryptic writings and hastily scattered body parts - even a well versed baby doll - everything in these two rooms had to be inspected and taken into consideration in order to find a way out.

But unfortunate for us...that time never came and that damn buzzer ran out before we were able to solve.

Mostly as strangers, 7 of us all came in swiftly and excited to start working together finding clues and get to solving.
But our confidence was a little overstated - especially after clearing the first room in less then a 1/2 hour. As our time dwindled away...we realized we were pretty well doomed to certain death - there was no way we were escaping! And as expected...those 7 individuals all soon met with their certain deaths - and in Holmes fashion no proof of their existance has ever been found. Except a photo on the wall of shame - that was very nice touch.

There were some great unexpected puzzles to put together here, and my favorite area was the good doctors room of surgery. His grostique apron and famous hat neatly hanging next to a strapped down victim - until one of our team had donned it - such fun! Getting into the doctor's brain was easier when you became one with him.

There was no chance of saving this poor guy who was strapped to the gurney. Completely bones - this victim was transformed through death and torture for his final journey.  

Have never experiencing a room escape prior, our team had no idea of what to expect - nor did we study up on it...very much wanted it to be a surprise.
Knowing the story behind the rooms, we were already quite excited - and knew we'd have an awesome time. When our time ran out...we were pretty disappointed! Left us wanting to go back through the rooms and scour...see if we could warrant a different outcome this time.

With as much fun as we had in Dr. Holmes' Basement - we're very excited to see what the DOA gang offers up next in their current running attraction. Based in the year 1929 - and the St Valentine's Day Massacre - another great Chicago history staple!
You and your team find yourselves locked inside Bugs Moran's garage on that faithful day. With only one hour to unlock the clues and the door...there's not much time to work! You better find your way out before Capone's henches arrive.  

There is no time for second guesses - time must be used fully and you must work quick! Take notes...and think on your feet!

The DOA Room Escape does take special requests for messages and proposals - setting these up prior to your arrival will ensure a surprizingly good time for your beloveds. DOA is so unique and challenging - we feel everyone should do it once...if not a second time around
Find out if you really have what it takes to make it out on time We wish you luck!

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