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Some of my favorite pictures from the last year - lesser known events that we've shown. Didn't have much traffic back then - which was good. Gave me an opportunity to play around - and no pressure. Some of these were really fun. That shy girl who loves to watch everybody - really paid off - able to see behind a camera what I really wasn't. Love participating - and to me, it's part of the adventure. How can you write about something if you've never felt it? Just doesn't happen. Forced. And I don't like it much ~ 

Really have to have some fun - working during the day you miss being a kid. Releases that. That. I enjoy a lot. 

If the picture stands out, will leave a brief explaination. Can click on thumbnails for bigger ~ Hope you enjoy them. Find this easier then writing a blog on each one - at least for right now - and there's some backtracking I'm doing until the next event ~ Don't worry, I'll get them in as well. Balance is the lesson. Been learning as I go. 

Hope you enjoy it. 


I'll straighten this out as I go along - add new stories and pictures in ~ Wanted to have these up while I do some working. They make me happy - very fun stuff. 


Hamburger Mary's Opener
    Oak Park IL 
Great White & Skid Row
 The Portage Theater
Michale Graves 
Chicago Frights
HMMA's MaskFest 2015
Days of the Dead
Indianapolis 2016
Wizard World
Rosemont 2015
Chicago Zombie March
2016 World of Wheels 
Bachelors Grove Cemetary. 
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