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The Guts series was designed to highlight the backstage view of what goes on before, during and after the season. Planning a haunt is a full time job with dedication. Most cases getting by on love. It's expensive, competitive and there are rules to win that loyal following they're after. Featuring also some of the knowledge that goes in to teach others. Smaller...home haunters can learn a bit from this information making their attractions more successful each season. I try to post a variety of events most benificial to the Indusry and cause. 
Hope that fans will enjoy the rarity of behind the scenes - see what goes on with both planning and creating these wonderful attractions that we love so much - keeping us hungrily returning for more. 

Transworld Convention

St Louis, Missouri
Traveling to the HAAShow was an amazing experience. My first season, and only knowing about it a few years prior - it is prop heaven for the excitable. 
Owners come from around the world to check out trends, purchase props and gain ideas. Seminars and hands on classes. Was a terrific experience to take in and watch. Highlighted are some of my favorites in the player.  

Behind the scenes at 
Statesville Haunted Prison
Going behind the scenes at Statesville was extremely awesome. Top billed each season here in Chicago. They are known as the place to take someone if you want them to pee themselves. Actors are dedicated and intense. The attraction has been a successful part of the Halloween season for countless years - making their foundation strong and an excellent model. Hosting events like Zombie Prom and producing films, Zombie Army has their hands in just about everything around the area to make the off-season just as fun for everyone to participate in. 
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